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Jon Rush Miner Prospector

This site is of my gold mining in Utah. I started at the Anaconda Mine In Tooele, Utah. I worked on the surface dumping garbage. I soon went underground and mining got into my blood.

I quit working at the Anaconda, and went into chemical mining at NL lead. I worked in Chemical, Then spray drying, and into the Reactor. I went to the Labs and learned how to do lab work and testing. Next i moved in to electrolytic's, and then into the foundry pouring Magnesium.

I meet Page Blackmore, who owned the Horn Silver Mine. He spent several years teaching me how to get gold out of the ground, and how to extract it out of the ore. Before long I was pouring silver bars. Unfortunately, Page died and I was on my own.

A kid fell in to a mine shaft in my home town in Tooele, Utah. The Sheriff could not get him out, and blew the mine shut. I could not take thinking of him laying in the hole broken. as i have fallen 1,500 feet I broke a plane in flight and survived the fall. We went to the mine, and in 12 hours got the body out.

I went back to prospecting, because I heard of some silver on the Dugway Mountains. I went to the Tooele Recorder and looked up the property owner. It led me to a man named Bill Moller. he gave me permission to go and look for silver. He introduced me to Ray Brown of UNICO. I soon became the mine manager at the Deer Trail mine.

We were mining for gold and silver. The mine was in very bad shape. First, we had to start at the portal re-timbering and painting it to comply with MSHA. From there we re-worked the whole mine which took two years. We started to mine the ore, and had it sold to Cominko and Asarco in Montana and Canada. Somehow the ore went to nevada, and we lost the contract with the mills. I was mad and left the mine and went to Price, Utah and started to mine Coal.

I started in a section and became a belt boss doing pre-shift work. I really started to miss the hard rock mining. I then went to Colorado to West Elk Mine. I was a outby supervisor of the long wall. We did canning and monorail setup. I was a forman for the A and C shift. I picked up the nick name "Mucker" and I am still known by that name.

I quit mining coal and headed back home to Orderville, Utah. I went to work for bill Moller at Gold Hill Utah. This is a great mine it is like the treasure trove of ore. It is some of the best I have seen in utah.


                 SUNSHINE AND DAWN                      

                 MUCKER AND THE KID

This is my son-in-law Lorin Robinson. He is learning the old mining ways, as it is becoming a lost art. Lorin has been with me for several years. We Prospect and Mine ore. Lorin is starting to work in the lab with me. We now have a new home in Gold Hill. Look out! Here comes the gold and silver!